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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Give it a rest, O’Reilly!

I don’t usually watch Bill O; mainly because if I wanted argumentation in my home I could have stayed married! But I was interested the other night to hear what his “body language expert” had to say about Sarah Palin’s interview with this wonderful journalist.

Tonya Reiman said that Governor Palin was intimidated by Mr. Bill. On his website he published this snippet:

Tonya Reiman viewed a portion of The Factor's interview with Sarah Palin and analyzed the governor's body language. "I thought she was intimidated by you," Reiman said. "There was not much movement, she was very serious, and her tight lips indicated anxiety. I saw her on another show and there was a whole different demeanor." The Factor elaborated on the interview, which will be shown Thursday, Friday, and Monday: "I tried to be very respectful to Sarah Palin because so many people have given her a hard time and I didn't want to do that. On the other hand, I didn't want it to be a cupcake interview and it wasn't.?

I didn’t say anything then – who would I have said it to? I live alone. – but I thought to myself, “No.. . that wasn’t intimidation. That was disgust.” I decided to wait until I saw the interview to make a judgment and to speak out about it.

Tonight, I watched the first part of the interview The Great Opiner did with our favorite Governor. I was right. She wasn’t intimidated in the least.

Since I don’t watch O’Reilly regularly, I am not sure it would be fair of me to say that he does a lousy interview. However, based on the two that I have watched, his interview with Obama being the other one, privately I will say that he does a lousy interview.

He was so busy trying to tell Sarah Palin what she SHOULD have said and questioning WHY she said what she did to make even a remote attempt to understand what she was saying. We must remember that he supported Obama in the election yet considers himself a Conservative. In which lifetime are you conservative, Bill?

Sarah Palin intimidated by Bill O’Reilly. The very statement is laughable, isn’t it?

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