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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fact, NOT Fiction: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

The revolution that is conservatism- that's what I believe is beginning to take place all across America. While many will try to dispute this and tell me that I'm just a young, inexperienced blogger, I know what I write is true. Now, let's get back to this whole idea of my being naïve just because I'm a young woman. I don't know how often I get this explanation. Usually, the conversation will start something like this: "While I commend you on having the drive, determination and passion for writing a blog, you're just a young woman, what can you possibly know about conservatism?" If I had a dollar for every conversation that goes like that, I'd probably be a millionaire by now. While I'm still learning on my conservative journey, I know who I am, and I know what values and beliefs I hold most dear. I'm not some young, wishy-washy blonde who just sits back and allows others to sway my opinion. I believe in freedom and liberty. I believe in the Constitution. I believe the key aspects of conservatism are fiscal responsibility and a strong national defense. I believe in the free market, importance of tax cuts and personal responsibility. I believe all life is precious and sacred. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. All of these things work together to define who I am as a young conservative woman.

There is a myth out there about conservatives that I continually have to disprove. Many individuals have the idea that if you’re young, that automatically makes you a liberal. Well, I'm proof that this is simply not the case. It drives me mad to hear this argument from people. Sarah Palin is living, breathing proof that cool, hip women are conservative too. Sarah is proof that you can be a proud female conservative. I am a proud conservative, and I will forever be grateful to Sarah for dismissing this myth. During the 2008 campaign, I was amazed at the large amount of young, energetic conservatives from all across the country who love their country as much as I do. While it is true that many young people do identify themselves as liberal, the number of young people who identify themselves as conservatives is growing by the day.

There are many of us young conservatives out there, contrary to what people like Meghan McCain will try to tell you. I used to really respect Meghan McCain. As a fellow spunky blonde myself, I really looked up to her because I could relate to her in so many ways. During the campaign, I really admired the way Meghan carried herself and supported her father. I enjoyed reading her blog about life on the campaign trail. During the campaign, she supported Sarah and her family, and I really liked how she would continually come to Sarah's defense. As we all know, this all changed on the evening of November 4, 2008, after the Republican Party lost the election. Suddenly, Meghan McCain didn't look so cool and hip to me anymore. It is as if she became a different person. She no longer stuck up for Sarah and her family. She started to distance herself from the conservative wing of the Republican Party. While it is no secret that she was never a conservative, I still respected and admired her for what I thought were good intentions. I no longer look to Meghan as a Republican role model. Perhaps Meghan got too involved with the Rino wing of the GOP, or she got too involved with the establishment, but I will never understand how she could turn a complete 180 when it came to Sarah and her family. Doesn't she realize how much Sarah helped her father? Without Sarah, Meggie Mac and her dad may have continued to carry their own bags at the airport.

While Meghan was hip during the campaign, Sarah was hipper. While people enjoyed seeing the McCain family at the rallies throughout the country, they were really there to see Sarah and hers. I believe Meghan McCain is jealous of Sarah, plain and simple. She is not alone. In a new book that was written by two reporters embedded with the McCain campaign, it appears John McCain felt he was being overshadowed by Sarah too, which they claim is the reason why Sarah was not allowed to address the crowd election night. While I cannot confirm this, it makes pretty good sense to me.

As you are all well aware, the "big tent" talk has erupted yet again, and Rinos like Meghan McCain are voicing their support in favor of it. I'd hate to tell Miss McCain, but the whole "big tent" theory is why her father lost the election. While I am a conservative and disagree with John McCain on many issues, I still supported him after Rudy Giuliani pulled out of the race because I felt he was the best candidate of those who were still in the race. Those who continue to argue for the "big tent" seem to forget all about the election of 2008. They seem to forget that the conservative wing of the Republican Party was up in arms when it learned McCain was the last man standing. In choosing Sarah, the McCain camp picked an awesome individual with true conservative values.

Although many conservatives soon came back to the Republican Party's side, there were many who could not get over the fact that the party had such a moderate candidate. I want everyone to feel that they are welcome to join the Republican Party, but I want them to join knowing that the party will not change the values that made it the great party it once was. That is what is happening. The Republican Party has dramatically shifted away from its core values and principles, and until it returns to its core values and principles, it will remain out in the wilderness. I know it is impossible for everyone in a party to agree on every single issue, and people need to remember this, but when you start talking about adopting a "big tent" philosophy, the Republican Party will lose its identity. It is the Republican Party, not the Democratic Party. When you start appeasing to everyone's wants and desire, chaos WILL ensue.

I am so proud to be a young conservative, and I know I'm not alone. Along this amazing journey, I have met so many great individuals whom I have so much in common with. While I have gotten to know people of all ages and walks of life, it is the other young conservatives whom I most identify with. I love connecting with fellow young conservatives because I know it will be up to the younger generations to stand strong on their conservative principles. We are the candidates of the future. Sarah has brought all of us together.

While many of us have never personally met her, she is the reason we connected. I find many of those I meet are just like me. They were never politically active before the 2008 election, but the election personally effected and changed them for the better. Now, we find ourselves doing everything in our power to spread the message of conservatism. While we may be a smaller army than our liberal counterparts, we are growing in number by the day. I guarantee we will continue to grow big and strong as more young people realize President Obama will not keep his campaign promises. We will stand with open arms and welcome whomever wants to join our conservative army. We are united for a common cause, spreading the common sense message of conservatism, and we will not back down, and we will not grow weary and tired. We are in it for the long haul, for our country is worth fighting for.

The following is a list of some of the young conservatives whom
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