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Monday, November 30, 2009

60 Minutes: Vote Sarah Palin Most Influential Conservative

In an unscientific poll conducted by 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair, Governor Palin is currently ranked as the fourth most influential conservative voice in the United States. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and former Vice President Cheney have the number one through three ranks respectively. Talk show host, Sean Hannity is fifth, ranking behind Governor Palin (60 Minutes Poll, 2009).

Governor Palin's ranking is fantastic considering that she does not have a nationally syndicated talk show on either radio or TV; and has not held high federal office. From the foregoing, we see that she is ranked more influential than Sean Hannity who has nationally syndicated talk shows on both radio and TV!

Governor Palin's core communications methods are her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

But...let's not settle for No. 4. Get her to Number 1! Get on and vote!


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