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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thou Shall Not Lie: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

The pre-order sales for Sarah's memoir "Going Rogue: An American Life" are phenomenal and truly out-of-this-world amazing. This tells you a lot about how much Sarah truly has captured the hearts and minds of Americans across the country. Americans are not the only individuals who are captivated by this woman, for I know people from across the globe who cannot wait to receive their copy of her memoir. While so many of us are excited about reading her memoir, many on the extreme liberal left are illustrating the hate they have for Sarah in the most ridiculous, outrageous ways. On today's random thought, I wanted to share with you one such instance.

The other night, I was channel surfing and landed on the oh-so-far-and-balanced MSNBC. Keith Olbermann's show was on. I usually don't waste my time watching this loon's liberal propaganda and hate fest directed at the right, but when I saw Sarah's picture on the screen, I knew I had to see his latest stunt for myself. Olbermann, whom I think vaguely resembles a skinny Barney Frank, was discussing the sales of Sarah's memoir when he made the most ridiculous statement that I had ever heard come out of his uncouth mouth. He had the audacity to accuse, as he put it, "right-wing extremist" blogs and websites of buying mass quantities of Sarah's memoir so the memoir could stay on the various best- sellers' lists. This isn't all he said. Olbermann went on to accuse these sites of drastically slashing the price of the memoir just so it sells. Can you believe this garbage? Just when you think this network and its liberal slime journalists couldn't get anymore tacky and tasteless, they degrade themselves even more.

So let me get this straight: Olbermann doesn't think Sarah's memoir is being bought by normal Americans like you and me at the high rate being reported? His only explanation for why the memoir is doing as well as it is, is because of conservative websites? What a crazy creep! Sarah was so right when she called him "evil." This guy is so obsessed with everything Sarah that he makes stuff up as he goes along. I wouldn't be surprised if he reports Sarah was abducted by aliens during one of his show's this week. The only reason he talks about Sarah is because the mere mention of her name gives him a rating's boost. I guess he hasn't gotten the memo that not too many people are watching his lousy program night after night. He is jealous of Sarah- pure and simple. Although he hates and despises her, he cannot help but talk about her. I actually saw a poll recently that showed the majority of stories discussed on his program are about Sarah. How ironic? This is a man who has based his entire news career on attacking and belittling conservatives. How can a man like Olbermann sleep at night when he knows the majority of his reporting is based upon lies? Maybe it's because he doesn't have any morals. Perhaps it's because he has a low self-esteem and finds enjoyment in tearing other people down. With this said, I find it comical that a guy who started his career behind the sport's desk is now the news' version of Bozo the Clown. Not only does Olbermann, or Odormann or whatever his name is, act like a lunatic night after night, but he never ceases to amaze me.

When looking at Olbermann and Sarah, it is clear to see who is not only more trustworthy, but morally ethical. Sarah's name does not deserve to be put into the same sentence with a deranged individual like Olbermann. Not only is she much more of a class act, but she is funnier too. Sarah knows how to tell a joke, while Olbermann is simply the butt of jokes. Sarah is classy and eloquent, while Olbermann is sleazy and unstable. While Sarah is respected and admired by members of all political parties, Olbermann is hated and loathed by those in the middle and on the right. Man, it must really feel good to be Keith Olbermann, right? I mean who wouldn't want to be a guy who has based his entire career on yellow journalism?

In closing, I am so excited that Sarah's memoir is selling so many copies. Was there ever a doubt, though? Look at Sarah; look at her amazing life story. What accomplishments does Keith O. hold? Uh, darn... I cannot think of a single accomplishment. Oh, well we always have Sarah who not only cleaned up the corruption in her state, but has inspired a nation. It must really eat Olbermann up to see a woman make a living off telling the truth when his living is based upon reporting untruths. But, then again, that's the extreme liberal left for you; they're incapable of telling the truth.

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  1. Going Rogue is #1 at Amazon, #1 at Borders, #1 in the non-fiction catagory at Books A Million, and now #7 at Barnes and Noble. On a positive note about B&N, it is the #1 political book, Glenn Beck's Arguing with Idiots is #17, and Ted Kennedy's book is #30. So, even though it has dropped from #1 at B&N, it is still enjoying a strong position for a book of its type. I believe on of the reasons for the drop at B&N is that Amazon is now selling it at $2 less, and Amazon doesn't charge sales tax. WalMart is also taking pre-release orders.

    I suspect that by the end of Oct or early Nov, the publisher will announce that the 1.5 million initial press run is being increased due to unexpectedly high pre-release sales.