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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saving a Spot for Sarah

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

This is a story that is sure to make you smile at the end, originating from Life in 3D.

A woman came in last night looking for a book by some feminist author that I had never heard of before, no big surprise there. So, I look it up in our search engine and the computer says that we might have it in the store. MIGHT have it, not WILL. So I tell her that I can check our inventory and see if it’s there and show her the section it would be in.

“No, that’s fine, I’ll find it myself. I’m going to look around a bit first”

Ten minutes later, as I’m showing another customer to 1984 I run across her in Literature looking around and she barges in to the conversation I’m having with my customer and sneers “Where is the section on Women’s rights?”

I tell her again “It’s upstairs and I’ll be happy to take you to it as soon as I am done here.”

“No, I can find it myself.” Note the lack of a ‘thank you’.

Eventually the customer accepts help, but she is complaining on the way to the section, talking all kinds of junk about how:

...the women’s studies section should be near the front of the store because it’s so important and how this author’s book should be on display because she’s doing a signing tour in California right now and she’s a NEW YORK TIMES COLUMNIST!!

She becomes even more disgruntled when she gets to the section because the book is nowhere to be found. According to her, the book deserves the place of honor in the store because it is the book!

You just have to love the employee's response:

“Well, ma’am, we were going to but we’re saving that spot for Sarah Palin.”

Like I said, you just have to love it!

That employee has one request, and I'll post it here, for after that exchange he deserves it:

Now all I can ask for is a signed copy of “Going Rogue” with the inscription “Instinct, Thanks for saving me a spot – Sarah”

I really hope Instinct gets his wish granted.

Read the entire article here.

(H/T munchnstuf)

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