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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sarah Palin: A Time to Unite

Following is the complete transcript of Governor Palin's Facebook note pertaining to the self-removal of Republican Dede Scozzafava from the NY District 23 race:

I want to personally thank Republican Dede Scozzafava for acting so selflessly today in the NY District 23 race. Now it's time to cross the finish line with Doug Hoffman so that he can get to work for District 23 and the rest of America (Palin, 2009, ¶1).

With Congress poised to overhaul one-sixth of our economy with so-called health care “reform” (which is really a government takeover of health care) and with plans to enact a cap-and-tax bill just as our economy struggles to recover, Doug Hoffman will be a voice for fiscal responsibility and common sense in Washington (Palin, 2009, ¶2).

We need candidates like Doug now more than ever. In these final days of the campaign, it's vital that Doug continue to receive the enthusiastic support of those who want to bring common sense to Washington. Let’s help make it happen! You can help Doug by visiting his official website today and offering your support: https://www.doughoffmanforcongress.com/donate3.html (Palin, 2009, ¶3)

- Sarah Palin


Just nine days ago, Governor Palin lived by her Reagan Conservative principles, endorsed Doug Hoffman for Congress in New York State's District 23, and asked her supporters to donate to his campaign. Mr. Hoffman was trailing in the three-way race. Her endorsement triggered a 180-degree shift. Mr. Hoffman surged to the head of the race. He received -- minimally -- a $116K spike in donations, as Governor Palin's supporters answered her call. Today, the ACORN-backed RINO, Dede Scozzafava removed herself from the race entirely. Kudos to her for standing up and doing the right thing.

This is a major accomplishment on several grounds. First, it is living proof that the Republican Party will succeed if it returns to Reagan Conservative principles, but will continue to be a fractured and failed party by being "Democratic Lite," "moderate," or "walking across the aisle." Given the choice between a fake liberal and a real one, most people will go with the real one. At least they know what they are getting.

For Governor Palin, this is an accomplishment on the scale of securing Senator Saxby Chambliss' victory nearly 11 months ago. This accomplishment demonstrates that Governor Palin has clout and is a force to be reckoned with. She is a textbook Transformational Leader.

From a feminist perspective, this accomplishment is testament to her power as woman. Though Mr. Hoffman is most decidedly a man, it was HER endorsement that brought victory within reach. Being Governor Palin's accomplishment, it means that another glass ceiling was felled by her sonic boom.

This day, Saturday, October 31, 2009 is also historical for Governor Palin, for today, the purging and cleansing of the Republican Party has begun -- under her direction. She is consolidating her power. What is all the more brilliant? She did it with nothing more than a Facebook posting.

Now the next step is for Mr. Hoffman to finish the job and win this race.


Palin, S. L. H. (2009, October 31). Facebook, Sarah Palin. Retrieved October 31, 2009 from: http://www.facebook.com/sarahpalin?v=wall#/note.php?note_id=164244658434

1 comment:

  1. The dems are in meltdown mode, 0bama has invested a tremendous amount of personal political capital in NY23 having held a $30,000 a plate fundraiser in NYC for Owens. James Carvil and Paul Bagala have both sent out emails pleading for donations to counter "the Palin Effect," and portraying this election as a battle between Palin and 0bama. They will live to regret that tactic. When Hoffman wins it will, due to their own stupidity, mean that Palin beat 0bama.

    0bama has also invested heavily by personally campaigning in VA and NJ, and now the dems have written off VA, and started blaming their candidate for having run a bad campaign. In NJ Christie is neck and neck with Corzine, and may yet pull off a victory. Losing NY23 and VA (gov, lt gov and AG) will be big blows to 0bama and his political capital will decrease significantly.

    The Blue Dogs will be very reluctant to risk their political futures by tying themselves too closely to 0bama. Their worst nightmare would be to have Gov. Palin show up in their districts in 2010, now that they have seen what she can do with a 3rd party candidate. You can also bet that RINO's are paying close attention as well.

    These election may very well turn out to be the kiss of death to 0bamacare, card check, amnesy and cap and trade.

    Perhaps the best thing that ever happened to the republicans is that they lost in 2008. 0bama and his loony left antics and tactics, and Sarah Palin free from any political office have done more to invigorate the gop than anything else in decades.