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Friday, October 16, 2009

Drill, Baby, Drill! Yes We Can!

by Upinak
The Palination -- http://www.thepalination.com

Oh Yes We Can! Drill, Baby, Drill!

Isn’t it great when something can be used for a different purpose?

On Sarah Palin’s new article with the National Review, she lays it down in a way that I have been telling people for years.

1. An environmentalist populace is a problem.

2. Oil, even now is used in everything, including “Electric Cars”.

3. Time to build new refineries.

4. Oil importation is not helping America.

5. Alternatives in energy are not the means to an all.

Yes she does talk about Alaska quite a bit. But with that said, there are other states that are in the same boat. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Maine and the North Eastern States. Why? Because electric cars can’t push 2-3 foot of snow in there is a nice snow storm aka Nor-Easters… can they? I know the electric cars can not deal with the cold here in Anchorage at times. And since that is a fact, how are they doing in the northern states? Not good as they can be just as cold as Anchorage or our interior.

But North Dakota as well as South Dakota has been found to have a HUGE natural gas deposit. Colorado is another state with nice snow storms and good stores of natural gas as well as shale oil. As Kansas is now very much into the natural gas game with other states.

Yet, depending on the outcome, unless it is via your State… drilling on Federal Land is and can be harder then landing on the moon. So, Sarah Palin, is helping to push our own resource. Yes We Can drill on OUR own land, if the Federal Government can get the hell out of the way.

How could this work? Regulations? No, there are enough of them. How about Stipulations? Using ONLY American oil companies, drilling companies and use the oil ONLY in the United States? It could work, if we could get our refineries back up to par or new ones built where they can also use LESS energy then those now.

There are many ways to go on this. It is time to tell Congress and the Senate Yes We Can! Drill, Baby, Drill!

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  1. Other than some pro-Palin blogs, and the NRO, there is nothing coming via Google Alerts. I suspect the media is likely to try and ignore this. Ignoring this op/ed and pushing the gallup poll showing her favorable rating having gone done from 43 to 40 (they don't bother to say that it is within the margin of error, so there was probably no change really.) This is all part of the 0bama/Axelrod war room strategy to try and blunt the sales of Gov. Palin's book. That book has them really worried, if it's the mega hit that some suspect it might be, millions of people will be reading it over the coming few months, not just her supporters, but those who are just interested, moderates, independents, and most importantly women. If the dems lose the majority of the female vote, coupled with their alienation of the senior citizens, it would spell disaster for them.