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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Canada Free Press: In Praise of Sarah

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

In an article for Canada Free Press, Bob Beers does a thorough job of breaking down why Governor Palin is so reviled by the Left. Judging from her long list of accomplishments and qualities, which he outlines, there really is no question why she is deemed a threat to Liberals. She is!

He writes:

As you can see, accomplishment is the least of Mrs. Palin’s problems. Quite frankly she has a bigger wealth of accomplishment than Obama and his entire cabinet combined. There will probably be screams of outrage from the left on that one, but honestly, based on what this woman has done in the face of intense opposition from both sides of the aisle, Barack Hussein Obama is a rank amateur compared to her All Star performance.

So here is my estimation as to why she is so hated by the left. She is an accomplished, well-spoken housewife and mother; faithful to her God, husband, her children and to her constituents. She has a proven record of honesty and self sacrifice for the good of those who elected her. No wonder the left considers her such an incredible danger. She would be someone who could sit in the oval office with the complete confidence of the majority of Americans behind her. She had to be stopped at all costs because her record is truly unassailable outside of the realm of lies the liberals live in.

Sarah Palin’s character rests upon a rock-solid foundation of achievement.

Mr. Beers highlights Sarah Palin's incredibly long list of achievements. If you have any doubts as to the weight of her resume', or simply need a reminder, be sure to click here to read the entire article.

(H/T Ray)

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  1. Hooray!! For Bob Beers! And Adrienne Ross for posting Mr. Beers statements about some of Sarah Palins' accomplishments in just a few short years...she's unsurpassed in this day and the times we're living in. More power to her!!! There's never been as much evil and corruption in our government as these present times!! I am an ordinary senior citzen, a loving and faithful wife of 46 years, devoted mother of 4 children, proud 'grammy' of 4 with 2 more on the way (could'nt be happier). This 'Grampy' and 'Grammy' would love to be able to leave our children and grandchildren a stable government, with our forefathers constitution in tact and doing what was intended, not trying to CHOP IT UP!!! We've got to do something and quickly! Let's take back our FREE AMERICA, PLEDGE OUR ALLEGANCE AND FLY OUR FLAG for starters! We have to stop Obama, Polosi, and all their henchmen as we are spiraling into socialism, communism, about every 'isum' that's out there!!! Please let us know here in Bartow, FL what we can do to help turn the tables on this vile bunch of left wing wackos!!! What has happened to our country and how did it get this way!!! Thanks for letting me vent some of my anger and lots of my concerns! I feel better! Billie Anne and Jim Carnes of Bartow, FL.