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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The White House Tries to Dance with Sarah Palin

Yeah, so, you'll have to read those tweets below in reverse order if you want the complete context. I'm not turning them around for you. Don't whine. I've got four kids. I can take it.

OK, just to fill you in with a little background...that Twitter user below, WestWingReport, is with
the press at the White House..or in the press...or pressing...I don't know. How about embedded?

Anyway, WWR tweets updates on what the president is doing and gives White House tidbits now and then...unbiased for the most part that I can tell so far. But I'm keeping my eye on him...or her...just to make sure.
Today WWR has been tweeting a few statements by a "Senior Administration Official" on the upcoming healthcare speech tonight by President Obama.

It's all been predictable to an extent, since we know that the president will try to push the public option...in a hurry.
But what I found interesting is that tweet #5; the "official" throws a little, "Hey! The GOP and Palin agree! We have healthcare problems!", as if that point makes taking whatever President Obama throws in the ring completely acceptable. What??

I don't need to rehash what Gov. Palin has already outlined concerning what needs to be done to get healthcare on the right track; just read the latest Facebook postings. But I do want to point out that she doesn't "...need a title to make a difference, to help people," to quote her.

And since the White House is now just getting that fact, they are doing a little song and dance to combat it. So heads up! Be vigilant to the new attack the White House is attempting to snooker the masses with...that Sarah Palin is on
their side.

Yeah...their bad side.

  1. West Wing ReportWestWingReportThe senior administration official says although the President will "go into detail" tonight, much of it "won't be a surprise" #healthcare
  2. West Wing ReportWestWingReportThe official emphasizes "The President believes the public option is the way to go." It is a "means to an end, not the end itself." #hcr
  3. West Wing ReportWestWingReportThe official emphasizes: "The President believes the public option is the best way to bring competition" to #healthcare
  4. West Wing ReportWestWingReportThe official says the President tonight "Will bring clarity" to the issue of providing #healthcare "security & stability" to Americans.
  5. West Wing ReportWestWingReportThe senior official points out that "Even the GOP, even Palin, admits there is a #healthcare crisis in the U.S."

  6. West Wing ReportWestWingReportThe official: August wasn't as bad for the White House as people think re: #healthcare. July/August-that's when there was slippage
  7. West Wing ReportWestWingReportRoosevelt Rm. brief: A Senior Administration Official says the President's #healthcare address will discuss "not the forest but the trees"

Image of Gov. Sarah Palin media stock

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