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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sarah is "Going Rogue" Again By Poking Fun at Herself and the Political Elite!

by NYPalinPower

Sarah is naming her book "Going Rogue, An American Life" and this is AWESOME!

It's really funny watching some journalists seriously juggling with this trying to define "rogue" in their own favorable terms when Sarah is just having some fun! Come on! We all know what Sarah means here!

This term "Rogue" that she uses in the title, if you want to define it from the dictionary, is the "playful, mischevious" form of the word, purposefully intended and aimed to shake up our current political system, including both parties in Washington. Sarah really is a Maverick! What is funny is that Sarah is playing with the word, "rogue" as a tongue in cheek term. Crafting it to send a message.

She is playing to the press for using that word in their own description of her actions, most specifically the day when she spoke directly to the media on her own by-passing the senior Republican campaign staff. Well, good for you Sarah! I applaud you for your guts and sticking with your instincts and choosing not to put up any further with the sloppy treatment and neglect you were getting in that campaign. Your campaign staff were not doing their jobs and were disloyal to you, even though they were supposed to be working for you. The whole time you were a good loyal soldier for John McCain, and I can understand why you did what you did because that campaign did not appreciate you or let you be free to be yourself. I'm glad that the press called you "rogue" because now it gives you a great, catchy title for your book!

Sarah is also playing to the good old boys in the Republican party. It is clearly obvious that Sarah is not trying to get their approval as their candidate in 2012, otherwise, why would she shock the GOP by letting them know exactly what her style is . If the current Republican Party has the guts to welcome her as their candidate, then they will truly be sending the message of "real change" in Washington. And Sarah can be the the leader of this newly restructured party and attract fresh new candidates to help her in this change. The party could elect new candidates that can "think outside the box" like Sarah, truly serve the public, and enact good "common sense" policy for the good of the country. Sarah wants a new Republican Party to emerge that will fix the system and serve America, not themselves.

Sarah is shaking up Washington without even running for office! And this is fortunate for America because every word she says has political power. The President, the Congress and the Media are listening to her. She is more effective now as a private citizen than as a spokesperson for an elite political party! She is simply being herself, private citizen Sarah. A simple person who is able to speak for the people and be heard! How many of our elected leaders truly speak for the people? How many actually enact "common sense" policies for the good of our country... none at my last count!

So this is what I conclude about Sarah's strategy here. Our government no longer works. Sarah wants REAL CHANGE. Government leaders are not working for the country or for the American people. Sarah is letting the GOP Republican Party know that if they want her to support the Republican ticket in 2010, 0r run for President in 2012, they will need to be open and welcome new and radical change within their own party with new ideas that can fix the current system, so that our government can work effectively for America and for its people.

If the GOP Republican Party cannot welcome her "maverick" approach, then she will have no choice but to run as an Independent candidate in 2012.


  1. I am thunderstruck & awestruck & just everything-struck!! What a fantastic strategy - and one that she will set on her own terms! What I like for the immediate future (2010 election) is that she will/should stump for GOP candidates ONLY if they are in sync with her vision - her Joan of Arc vision, if you will. If she's as honest and straightforward as I feel (and pray!) that she is, her TRUTH will draw voters from across the political spectrum (super Left Dems and embittered RINOS excepted...). She will/could be a leader that all of us would be proud to follow. But wonder how the Obamatrons will accept this NEW and very dynamic leader? One that will DEFINITELY upstage The Empty Suit!! I can hardly wait for all these events to unfold! This is "reality TV" at its best and most involving!

  2. Hey thanks for the comment 6pooe54. I agree with you, she should definitely only stump for GOP candidates that are in sync with her vision. I would like to see more positive images of Sarah portrayed in the media, like how you described her "Joan of Arc" vision. And I also feel her "truth". Our country really needs true leaders now that Americans can trust. There is a great bumper sticker/t-shirt that has a picture of Sarah next to a picture of the statue of liberty and it says "Two Ladies Worth Fighting For", I thought that was great.