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Monday, September 14, 2009

In Hong Kong, Palin won't be dealing with the media.

by Upinak

Per News 24:

The former Alaska governor will address hundreds of chief executives, fund managers and other financial big-hitters from around the world at the Hong Kong forum.

The event in general is open to the media. But a spokesperson for CLSA, one of Asia's top investment houses, said that Palin's session with the moneyed audience will take place in private.

"Some of our keynote sessions in previous years were also closed to the media. So this is not the first time," she told AFP, declining to be named.

"Ms. Palin has not yet confirmed with us the topic of her speech," the spokesperson added.

Awesome! So from now until after the 24th of Sept., the media following around Sarah like a dog, and will be fabricating details of what she might be saying to these executives. Either way, I think it is funny. Gov. Palin is doing exactly what the media had done to her but Gov. Palin has the upper hand, as she always does when it comes to surprises.

I have a feeling she will be very well received at the Investors Forum, unlike what the media will be portraying. What I wonder is what media outlet is going to try to sneak into the convention. Any wagers?

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  1. I am as excited for Palin at this event in Hong Kong as if it were the first piano recital of a precious grandchild! I don't mean to trivialize the vastly more globally important speech by comparing it to an imaginary piano recital, but the "butterflies" and high expectations are analagous. My gut feeling is that Palin will emerge "victorious" (if that's the appropriate word) - i.e., she will earn enormous respect from some very heavy hitters, who, in turn, will bring back the news of that speech & meeting to their home countries and major companies. In other words, the word will be out - and the peewee MSM will be left in the dugout. YEA!!!