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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

They Just Don't Get It: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

When are people going to wake up? More specifically, when are liberals going to wake up and realize that it's okay for a woman to have a full-time job while raising children? As I was eating breakfast, looking out at the beautiful, calm lake, I began to ponder what I would write my next blog entry about. I continued to think about this while doing the breakfast dishes. While I was doing the dishes, my mom's dear friend stopped by the cabin and was chatting with my mom when she asked me what I had been up to lately. I told her I was still doing a little tutoring, but was excited about how my life had changed in the last year. I began to tell her how I had gotten the chance to be a guest on Eddie Burke's AK radio show as well as how I gotten involved as the San Diego Regional Organizer for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. Now, as soon as I had said this, I knew I was going to get one of two reactions. My mom's friend was either A) going to love Sarah or B) going to detest Sarah. This is because there is something about Sarah that brings out the best or worst in people. As soon as I opened my mouth, I was ready for whatever reaction I would receive. When I saw the expression on her face, as I told her, I immediately knew I was talking to someone in category "B." It wasn't her facial expressions that bothered me, but what she said in her response. Instead of commending me on wanting to get involved in the political process, the first thing out of her mouth was "I can't stand her." When I asked why, I was expecting her to tell me it was because of her politics or something she had said during the campaign like the "paling around with terrorists" comment, but no. Once again, the negative perceptions about Sarah became personal. Her main argument for why she disliked Sarah was because Sarah "paraded that needy child around with her everywhere she went." Not only was this comment disturbing, but the fact that she didn't refer to baby Trig by name, but as that "needy child," sincerely bothered me to the point in which anger arose inside of me. I don't know about you, but "needy" is far from a term I would use to describe little Trig. "Loving," "nurtured," "sweet" and "adorable," are just some of the words I would use to describe this wonderful child. A "needy child" is one who is in need of food, shelter and clothing, and last I checked, Trig is in need of none of those; in fact, he is a happy, healthy, chubby baby as Sarah said not too long ago. Now, you all know good and well liberals would not be describing Trig in this way if he didn't have Down Syndrome or was the child of a democratic politician, or even the child of a male politician for that matter- oh, no. If it had been anyone other than Sarah Palin, people would be praising the individual. Yet, because it is Sarah, the left throw cheapshots and discriminate against both her and her family. Trig is an innocent little baby who, as he grows up, will want to be treated as any other child. Yet, the left see children like Trig as a burden, not the joys that come with life. This is the problem with today's society. Instead of embracing all individuals, people are judged on their outter appearance instead of their hearts and what is on the inside. What is separating a Down Syndrome baby from any other baby? An extra chromosome. To me, that makes them extra special; they are God's children too. Individuals with Down Syndrome are the most loving, kind-hearted people, and I know the mean-hearted liberals out there could learn a thing or two from them. Thank God for Sarah and Todd. They have brought the issue of the importance of understanding, supporting and loving special needs children to the forefront. I have learned so much from them through their love for precious Trig. It is because of people like Todd and Sarah who illustrate what unconditional love is- what it means to love and be loved. Love has no bounds, and they have widened the awareness for supporting special needs children throughout this great country and the world.

The thing that upsets me most is that people continue to bash Sarah without ever taking the time to actually get to know her. They think they know her, but they don't. As I have stated in a previous post ("A True Modern-Day Feminist") , Sarah represents everything liberal women have fought so hard against. Her very existence drives them mad. They are so closed minded that they are unable to see the Sarah we have come to know and love. If only they opened their eyes, the would see what we see. As a young conservative, I have no problem with someone disagreeing with politicians based upon political ideology, but taking personal cheapshots is uncalled for. When liberals bash Sarah's family, they are bashing her as well. Trig was not paraded around anymore than Barack Obama and Joe Biden's children and grandchildren were. During the campaign, Sarah's children did not pose for "People Magazine" or "US Weekly" week after week, not that there was anything wrong with that. It should be up to the parents, not outsiders to decide these decisions. The only reason liberals did not like seeing Sarah and her children together at events and on stage at the Republican National Convention is because it was a reminder to them that she CHOSE life; she CHOSE to carry her sweet baby with Down Syndrome to full-term. Even the women on "The View" could not understand why a woman would do this to her children. Perhaps Elisabeth Hasselbeck put it best when she said Sarah Palin is no different than any other proud parent. As the wife of a professional football player, she said she could relate to Sarah because there were times when her kids would be up at odd hours just so they could see their daddy after a game. You can't take back the time spent with your children, so grab any precious moments you can. It is easy to see that the Palin children are not only loved but nurtured as well. Todd and Sarah have two adult children who know have learned the value of hard work. Track is risking his life to protect his country, and Bristol is a wonderful mother who chose life. In choosing life, she is now helping other young girls by speaking out about the value of abstinence and the hardships that come with being a young mother. She is a great role model for young women and other young mothers to see that they too can complete their education and be successful. She wants to make a life for herself without depending on the goverment. Willow and Piper are two young girls with bright futures ahead of them, and little Trig and Tripp are two little boys who are growing up surrounded by a lot of love. Todd and Sarah have instilled in their children great values, and this is present in the way in which they lead their lives.

Just because Sarah was a governor, did not mean she couldn't fullfill her duties as governor while raising her family. It burns me up when I hear liberals say that she should never have worked after learning that she would be having a child with special needs. So, let me get this straight: They want Sarah to play the role of dutiful housewife just because she has a child with Down Syndrome? What year is this, 1950? I'm sorry but you don't hear the left telling a democratic politician with a special needs child that he/she shouldn't be working? Not only is this a sexist, discriminatory statement, but it is downright disgusting. This is yet another symptom of Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS). How dare the left treat Sarah or her child as if they were any different than any other individual? This is another problem with today's society. Instead of embracing Sarah as the strong woman she is, and Trig as the beautiful child he is, the left feels the need to dictate how she should and should not parent. I guarantee no one ever questioned Michelle Obama while she was making over $300,000/year working for a Chicage hospital why she wasn't staying at home full-time to be with her children, or asking Joe Biden why he remained Delaware's senator after his first wife died in a car crash when his two sons were so young? Instead, both Michelle and Joe were praised for being able to juggle both duties as parent and employee, which they should be. Why can't Sarah be given the same respect and praise? I know why, and you know why, fellow readers. It is because Sarah has an "R" after her name. Even though she is a maverick, blazes her own trail, and does not walk with the Washington herd, the liberal left's extreme hatred for her makes her a target. The very fact that she is a conservative woman is yet another reason (For more on Sarah and the treatment she receives by women on the liberal left, please read my post "A True Modern-Day Feminist."). In questioning the president and his policies, the left claim she is asking for it. What ever happened to our First Amendment right to question our leaders? It is scary to think what our country could look in three years, let alone what restrictions our leaders may put on our right to speak out and voice our concerns.

I just wish the liberal left would let go of their personal hatred for Sarah and stick to her record as city council member, mayor and governor. It is real disheartening that every time I ask someone what it is that makes them dislike Sarah, it always turns personal, and these loons are praised and cheered by the liberal msm. Yet, when a conservative or someone who disagrees with President Obama is asked why they don't like him and these people give political reasoning or political ideology as a response, they are called racist, angry mobsters (See my post "Sarah is Right, Again"). Sarah is a good, honest woman- a woman I am proud to call a role model. In responding to my mother's friend, I told her:

"Sarah gives me hope that I may hold a political office one day. She worked hard to get to the point in which she is in. As someone who did not go to a fancy ivy league school, she proves that if you work hard, you can accomplish great things. She is a great mother who loves her children and treats them as equals. She and Todd love their son Trig so much so that they chose to give him life when so many babies with special needs are aborted. I commend them for that and forever will hold them in high regard for doing so."

Sarah illustrated her love for her children in her decision to resign. In resigning, she put her family above party; furthermore, she put her love for America and its people above the politics-as-usual approach so many have become accustomed to. Name me another politician who has ever done that? She is living proof that you do not need to hold a public title in order to accomplish great things. This is a woman who KNOWS what is important. Not only is she a loving mother, but a woman with a servant's heart. Sarah has already done great things outside of the governor's office. One of the most important things she has done is helping to shed light on the Healthcare plans the Obama Administration has for America. It was because of her that the "death panel" language was removed from the House version of the bill. When Sarah speaks, people listen. Although people may not agree with her, they take notice. I encourage you all to become a fan of Sarah on her facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/sarahpalin. We live during a time in which you don't know whom to trust because it seems as if no one is listening, but I know and you know whom we can trust: Sarah. She HAS proven that she DOES listen to us and hears us loud and clear; it's about time. We NEED Sarah's voice during these troubling times!

(I'm a Conservative Girl with a Voice! Visit my blog and become a follower-Thanks so much: http://conservativegirlwithavoice.blogspot.com)

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