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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Doctor Zero on HotAir.com, concerning Krauthammer on Sarah Palin... and it is a direct hit.

by Upinak

HotAir.com has an awesome secondary blog called the Green Room, submitted by the commenters who has been there for quite a while. One said commenter and dual regular blogger goes by the name of Doctor Zero.

He decided to write today, which involves the very off the wall and underhanded elitist act of Krauthammer undermining Sarah Palin via her FaceBook entries that she has been writing concerning the Health Care Reform. Doctor Zero seems to have a handle on items and is very good a having the hammer meet the head of the nail.

When I began writing for Hot Air, I never imagined I would find myself critical of Charles Krauthammer twice, after only blogging for four months. I’ve followed his work for years, and still eagerly read everything he publishes. He writes brilliantly on many topics, but he just doesn’t get Sarah Palin, or by extension her supporters… which by further extension means he misunderstands the precarious moment America finds itself in, and the opportunities that lie ahead for conservatives.


What Palin brings to the health-care debate is the energy, wisdom, and wit to make complex ideas understandable to ordinary people. Let me once again restate my admiration for Charles Krauthammer before saying, with regrettably brutal candor, that Sarah Palin had more impact on the health-care debate with one Facebook note than everything Krauthammer has written in the past year. That’s not because people are shallow, and didn’t pay attention until Palin kicked off a media firestorm. It’s because they understandably seek out leadership on complex issues, and leaders have a knack for rendering fearfully complicated issues down to their essential truths. Ordinary Americans are more eager to entertain appealing speech from an engaging personality, than sign up for a long series of dry lectures, no matter how brilliant the lecturer might be… and they don’t view their ballots as comment cards, to be completed on their way out of the lecture hall.

Every political movement needs both academic intelligence, and vital charisma. The Left has always viewed the relationship between its intellectuals and politicians as something like the production and marketing departments in a business – and whenit comes to accumulating power, socialists are all business. People like Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers spent decades weaving the strings that control the Obama marionette. They openly wrote of their understanding that savvy merchandising would be needed to make the public accept their agenda, at least until the public no longer has a meaningful choice about accepting it. When was the last time you heard a leftist intellectual belittle a popular liberal politician, the way Charles Krauthammer treated Sarah Palin?

To read the whole blog, please visit HotAir.com via this link.

Doctor Zero and I are both in lock step concerning the put downs from conservatives around the Nation. Why? What is the point of putting Sarah Palin down due to something they never thought of? It is because they haven’t thought of it. The simple fact that they as a whole, know they are being put out with the democrats and liberals, into the boil pot and watching them all try to get out of it before the cooking begins. This isn’t just politicians, this is everyone who isn’t asking what is going on.

The public at large are all asking; even those who voted for Obama and now seem to be showing buyers remorse. But it seems to be Sarah Palin that it leading our forefront into why and it is a direct hit? The political parties all seems to be showing lack of leadership. It is time for the real leaders to stand up and charge the mobs, so those who are not leaders can get out of the way of what we all want…. Our freedom back.

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