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Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin's Selfless Act

Governor Palin dropped a bombshell at her news conference at 11 AM Alaska time today from her Wasilla home in Alaska. She has not only decided not to run for re-election, but she has decided to resign her position as Governor at the end of this month. She will be transferring power to Alaska Lieutenant Sean Parnell on July 26. According to KTUU.com, Lt. Gov. Parnell said that Governor Palin first discussed this with him on Wednesday. Sean Parnell is quoted as describing Gov. Palin's decision as a "selfless act on her part" done in the "best interest of Alaska."

Governor Palin's decision apparently came partly as a result of the expense to the state and the encumbrance on her duties as Governor of the politically-motivated complaints launched against her by anklebiter Alaskans. She obviously felt that the state of Alaska would be better served if her administration, which had accomplished so much so far, moved forward under the leadership of her second-in-command. Parnell also announced that he would be running for re-election as governor in 2010.

Later, Governor Palin sent this tweet on Twitter: "We'll soon attach info on decision to not seek re-election... this is in Alaska's best interest, my family's happy... it is good, stay tuned" She obviously has plans for the future and will be sharing some of them with us. Given the numerous opportunities for interviews and speeches that she has already turned down, there is no doubt that she will stay plenty busy. There was a news flash a little earlier 9hat tip @SarahPalin_News) that she will be campaigning for Republicans in 2010. What more effective fundraiser and speaker could the Republican Party ask for?

One thing that we can be certain about Sarah Palin is that she is no quitter. Her decision, like everything else she does was most likely made after considerable thought and prayer. From her tweet, we know that her family is supportive of her decision. When I was listening to a short video of her resignation speech, it reminded me of her resignation from the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Her next step was Governor.

Of course, all of us hope that her plans go beyond 2010 and that we will see her campaigning for President in 2012. But whatever her choices, we are confident they are good ones. And that America will be the benefactor of whatever those choices are. Just like Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin is God's gift to America - a natural leader with strong ethics, an indomitable will, and a great determination to do what is right for America and in the sight of her God.

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