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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Over 600,000 Polled: 80% Support Governor Palin 2012 Run

A Newsmax.com poll reveals that nearly four out of five respondents would support Sarah Palin as the Republican nominee for president in 2012.

A slightly larger majority believe the then-Alaska governor helped John McCain in the 2008 presidential race — while only 31 percent think McCain did a good job running for president.

The poll drew more than 600,000 responses, and Newsmax will provide the results to major media and share them with radio talk show hosts across the country.

1) What is your opinion of Sarah Palin?

Favorable: 83%

Unfavorable: 17%

2) Do you believe Sarah Palin as a running mate helped or hurt John McCain?

Helped: 80%

Hurt: 20%

3) In the election between McCain-Palin and Obama-Biden, who did you vote for?

McCain-Palin: 81%

Obama-Biden: 16%

Other: 3%

4) Would you support Sarah Palin as the Republican nominee for president in 2012?

Yes: 78%

No: 22%

5) Do you believe McCain did a good job running for president?

Good Job: 31%

Bad Job: 69%

6) Do you believe Barack Obama "bought" the White House by outspending McCain?

Yes: 72%

No: 28%


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