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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Three Governors, One President: One Leader Among Them

The events of the past six months involving three governors and a president deserve some analysis and thought. Of the four, only one is a true leader.

Mark Sanford (R), South Carolina

As is widely published in several news accounts, Governor Sanford mysteriously disappeared on a trip to Argentina "recharge after a difficult legislative session in which he battled with lawmakers over how to spend federal stimulus money." (Smith, 2009, ¶4). Governor Sanford was also involved in adultery and went on this trip to conduct the affair, which had been ongoing for a year (LeBlanc & O'Connor, 2009, ¶1). During his absence, there were concerns about who was governing South Carolina (Smith, 2009, ¶3).

In summary, Governor Sanford abandoned his job to commit adultery without appointing his second-in-command to take over. By his own admission, this man was unable to cope with the stress of handing the stimulus package for his state, a project he failed miserably at.

As of this writing, the shenanigan cost Governor Sanford his chairmanship in the Republican Governor's Association (Barr, 2009, ¶1).

David Paterson (D), New York

The New York State Senate is embroiled in a weeks-long power struggle between Democrats and Republicans. Governor Paterson forced the state senators to convene. State senators from both parties simply yelled at each other, and otherwise got nothing done. Governor Paterson was left powerless and did not know what to do (Scott & Dicker, 2009, ¶2).

The New York Post criticized both the state senators and Governor Paterson in an editorial titled, "Clowns Have More Dignity." The NY Post routinely chides Governor Paterson's leadership skills and refers to him as "hapless."

Barack Obama (D)

North Korea threatens to annihilate us. A woman -- Neda Soltan -- whose first name literally means "voice" was murdered in the streets of Iran protesting a fraudulent election. A US Army recruiter is murdered by a Muslim terrorist in Oklahoma. Where is our Commander in Chief? Absent -- only to issue semi-eloquent pronouncements days into a crisis. Meanwhile, about the only area that he is exercising leadership in is nationalizing businesses and destroying our republic.

Sarah Louise Heath Palin (R), Alaska

The 2009 Legislative Session was an all-out war against Governor Palin with legislators from both parties not acting on her bills, getting locked in battles with her over an attorney general and a state senator appointment. The stimulus bill sparked numerous battles. Governor Palin was targeted with multiple ethics complaints; a family crisis involving her eldest daughter was used in an attempt to make her a laughingstock. Mid-March to Mid-April was a rough time for her. How did she handle it?

Governor Palin ultimately appointed a state senator everyone could agree on.

She compromised on key points with the stimulus bill, but still walked away with substantially what she wanted. Ultimately, she would veto $28.6 million in stimulus funds, was threatened with a veto override, which never came to pass. She won that battle.

Governor Palin took her loss with the attorney general, but ultimately appointed someone who may have proven to be an even better choice, being 100% aligned with her leadership methodology and taking on a difficult case involving oil leases within hours of being sworn in. She recognizes fully that sometimes victory takes a circuitous path.

The Governor secured most of the funding she requested for an intra-state pipeline.

Some bills were delayed till the 2010 legislative session, but following the session, she has signed numerous bills all aimed at improving her constituents' lives. Governor Palin signed many of these bills in classrooms and at other locations directly affected by them, bringing the political process to the people to witness. She signed nine bills alone on Memorial Day.

Governor Palin performed a humanitarian mission, delivered speeches, received honors and awards, toured military installations, and tended to a disaster area.

In one speech, she introduced the man who described her as the resurrection of his father in a woman's body, confirming that she had been summoned to carry his torch. Nary a week later at a dinner she was twice invited to and dis-invited from, everything stopped upon her arrival and in a moment that will forever be remembered, she was again summoned -- this time -- simultaneously beckoning us to follow with a simple turn of her head behind her.....

On a day she signed six bills and prepared to secure disaster funding, the same hand that signed those bills wrote numerous thank you cards to supporters -- of whom this author is proud to be one.

Every ethics complaint against her was dismissed and she has secured nearly one quarter of the amount required to pay off her legal bills defending the baseless charges.

Governor Palin opened a Twitter account and went from rank newbie to being the Queen of Twitter, with over 36,000 followers and counting. Her tweets concisely and cogently leave no doubt as to where she is at any given time, in themselves build a dossier of her accomplishments. The Governor's tweets of June 22, 2009 read like the words written by a president.

She has appointed 91 people to boards, commissions, councils, including her state senator and attorney general appointments, and two judicial appointments.

In 2010, we will get to read about the life and times of someone who is likely the last living Pioneer, when Governor Palin's autobiography goes on sale.

Her work on the AGIA project is turning a 30-eyar-old pipe dream into a pipeline to transport natural gas from the North Slope to Alberta, Canada, thence to the Lower 48. The AGIA project could be considered the pinnacle of Governor Palin's achievements -- a project that not even a president from either party can take credit for.

These are the accomplishments that this author remembers -- and Governor Palin is owed an apology -- because there are many more that were not listed.

During this time, she worked upwards of 120 hours per week and never took a day for herself, still found time to fulfill her familial obligations. She has been married 20 years, never committed adultery (despite the attempts by the left and some so-called conservatives to sully her as a woman), is the mother of five children and the grandmother of one. She functions on three hours sleep and massive doses of sugar and caffeine in the form of mocha lattes.


Three Governors and a President. One leader. The facts speak for themselves as to who the leader is. We have three men who failed miserably and were impotent in the face of crisis -- when strong leadership is most needed.

We have one woman who never tired, never lost perspective, never missed a beat, and accomplished so much in the face of such bitter opposition and overwhelming odds.

As for the Republican Governor's Association, they might consider a chair-woman's position this time around, because sometimes, the best man for the job is a woman.....


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