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Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8, 2009 Synopsis of Governor Palin's Accomplishments

Governor Palin received the Independent Group Home Living, Inc. 30th Anniversary award on June 7, 2009 presented at the Flowerfield catering hall in St. James New York for her advocacy and defense of people with special needs.

The Governor celebrated Alaska's 50th year of statehood in Auburn, NY.

A US Department of Energy document confirmed the Governor's assertion that the $28.6 million in stimulus funds she vetoed indeed came with strings attached.

Governor Palin introduced Michael Reagan with a powerful speech delivered in Anchorage, Alaska. Michael Reagan on September 4, 2008 referred to Governor Palin as the resurrection of his father in a woman's body.

The Governor defended a project to build a road across the Lynn Canal to Juneau, AK. The capital is currently under-served by ferries. An environmental group was granted an injunction to stop the project and the State of Alaska is appealing to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Colleague Gary P. Jackson wrote articles documenting how George Soros' CREW organization financed the dismissed FEC ethics complaint against Governor Palin, and also followed the money trail to Levi Johnston's expensive gifts received from Rex Butler and others. Butler is the Johnston family's attorney and a major Obama supporter.

The Governor lauded progress being made on the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act project to build a pipeline from the North Slope to Alberta, Canada so that Alaskan natural gas can be brought to the continental United States.

The 14th ethics complaint in Alaska's Department of Law against Governor Palin was dismissed. Every complaint thus far has been dismissed, most upon simple law review.

Governor Palin expressed "her appreciation to the individuals, businesses, and organizations that helped start the Point Thomson oil and gas development project" on June 2, 2009, at a luncheon sponsored by ExxonMobil.

An Investors Business Daily editorial supported the Governor's position on maintaining missile defense in the face of North Korea's ramped up missile testing activities.

Governor Palin denounced the politically motivated murders of William Long and George Tiller. Long was recruiting for the US Army and Tiller was an abortion doctor.

The Governor is monitoring a federal education standards program.

Governor Palin sent thank-you letters to many of her other supporters, of whom this author is one and who is the proud recipient of one such letter.

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