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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sources of News About Sarah Palin

Another source for up-to-date news about Sarah Palin is Twitter. You can usually follow your favorite people and websites on Twitter.

Governor Sarah Palin now has her own Twitter site at
http://www.twitter.com/AKGovSarahPalin, where she intermittently posts links to news and information about herself.

Conservatives4Palin also have a Twitter site at
http://twitter.com/C4P. You can follow them on Twitter for their latest posts.

SarahPalin_News posts news articles about Sarah Palin and Republican/conservative issues at

Josh Painter and Ron Devito both have excellent news coverage with commentary on their blogs. They are both excellent writers and give an in-depth coverage of the news and issues that surround Sarah Palin.

Ron Devito's blog, Sarah Palin's Accomplishments, has a feed into Twitter, which you can follow a
t http://www.twitter.com/devitor. His website is found at http://sarahs-accomplishments.blogspot.com.

You can access Josh Painter's Texas for Sarah Palin blog at http://texas4palin.blogspot.com/. He also has a Twitter site but without the feed yet.

There are a couple of Twitter sites that are essentially news feeds using the keyword Sarah Palin. I would not recommend them because they also contain the negative stuff that you see out there.

SarahPalinLinks, at
http://www.twitter.com/sarahpalinlinks is the Twitter site of the Sarah Palin Internet Coalition. If you don't want the hassle of sifting through the Google Alerts for positive and neutral articles about Sarah Palin, our site has already done it for you.

Most of the posts on the Coalition's Twitter site are being added to the list of articles about Sarah Palin that is housed on the
Sarah Palin News Links page on the Sarah Palin Information Blog, another Coalition site, which can be found at http://sarahpalininformation.wordpress.com.

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